RAPTOR Takes Work Zone Safety 
to New Heights

Introducing RAPTOR, the latest safety innovation from PSS!

RoadQuake RAPTOR Rumble Strip Handling Machine

  • Transports
  • Deploys
  • Realigns
  • Retrieves 

RoadQuake 2F Temporary Portable Rumble Strips (TPRS) in work zones.

RAPTOR keeps your workers off the road, and safer!

Raptor transport configuration

Watch the video and you'll agree...

RAPTOR revolutionizes the deployment and retrieval of  RoadQuake 2F TPRS.

  • RAPTOR deploys, realigns and retrieves RoadQuake 2F TPRS.
  • Workers operate RAPTOR from the safety of the vehicle. 
  • Workers no longer deploy or retrieve RoadQuake 2F TPRS manually.
  • RAPTOR keeps workers off the road, out of live traffic. 
  • Workers no longer risk superficial injuries that could be caused by lifting objects like RoadQuake.



RAPTOR improves Work Zone Safety:

  • RAPTOR extends the practical use of RoadQuake 2F TPRS in work zones.
  • With RAPTOR, RoadQuake is now ideal for use in most short-duration, short-term, and mobile operations.
  • RAPTOR provides Portable Positive Protection for workers. 
  • RAPTOR mounts to the front of the vehicle. The back of the vehicle is free for other safety equipment, like a Truck or Trailer Mounted Attenuator (TMA).

Make RAPTOR an integral part of your  Portable Positive Protection policy! 

Raptor deployment configuration

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